Photographic Lighting Techniques

Current Instructor: Scott Stallings

Cost: $275 Members, $325 Non Members

Photography means to write with light. And while understanding how to manipulate and use light can be quite intimidating, it’s critical for anyone hoping to master the photographic arts.  This four-week class is designed to make you more comfortable with various lighting techniques; that way, you’ll have a stronger grasp of how to use it to benefit every photo you make. Ultimately, in this hands-on, workshop-style class, students will learn the fundamental principles of how photographic lighting behaves, and how to use those principles in real-world scenarios.

You can contact Scott Stallings directly at Biggs Camera if you have any questions about gear specifications.

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  • How strobe light can be different from continuous light
  • The principles of light shaping and modification
  • How good light can be your greatest storytelling tool as a photographer
  • Students will complete several homework assignments with an extensive review of your images from your instructor and your fellow students
  • Ultimately, as a result of this class, students will be comfortable using and manipulating light in various situations.
  • Two photographic strobes (speed light minimum) that can be synced with your camera
  • Two light stands and means for attaching strobes to those stands
  • Radio trigger or other sync mechanism to allow your lights to fire with your camera
  • Two 45” convertible umbrellas.

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Scott Stallings


May 7 – June 11

6 – 9 PM