Bridging Division:
Empathy and Humanity

June 7 – August 3, 2018

Bridging Division: Empathy and Humanity explores contemporary divisions through the personal interpretations of five photographers—Priya Kambli, Rania Matar, Zora J. Murff, Melissa Kreider, and Lissa Rivera—to create connection and understanding. In a world of fear tactics and sensationalized depictions, this exhibition seeks to look underneath to our shared humanity, as well as create a platform for diverse perspectives and experiences that are often feared, controlled, misrepresented, ignored, or criminalized.

What connects all of these works is a searching for identity while societal barriers block what feels possible. Here these structures seek to broadly label groups as others, relegating them to a headline or a statistic or a wastebasket. In the face of that, these five artists are searching for understanding, for support, for belonging, for love, for compassion, for humanity… to be seen, to bridge divisions.

This exhibition was curated by Ashley Kauschinger, artist and founding editor of Light Leaked, an online photography magazine.

Be sure to check out the online photography magazines Light Leaked, Don’t Smile, and Strange Fire Collective between June 4 – July 12 on Thursdays since each artist featured in this exhibition will have an interview published during that timeframe.

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Lissa Rivera

Melissa Kreider