Night and Low
Light Photography

Current Instructor: Dick Handshaw

Cost: $35 Members, $55 Non Members

Our digital photography students have consistently asked us to offer a night photography class. Well, we heard you. Another new offering in 2020, our Night and Low Light Photography course will give you the confidence and technical skills you need to start shooting well after the sun goes down.

Night photography (or photography in low light) isn’t difficult, but it is obviously a little different from taking pictures in broad daylight. You have two options: you have to find man-made light or you have to provide your own light. While it might seem daunting at first, once you get the hang of it the creative possibilities are endless.

Don’t worry: new sessions will be added soon. Keep checking back since we update these pages often.

. . .

  • Special equipment and accessories
  • Special exposure considerations in the dark
  • The role of ISO and color temperature
  • How to focus in the dark
  • Light painting and other fun stuff
  • Subjects and locations for after dark


  • Adjustable camera
  • Any type of lens
  • Gear bag


  • Small flashlight and/or headlamp
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • Color gels for your flashlight

. . .


Dick Handshaw