Magic Show:
Photography of Carol Golemboski

June 6 – August 2

Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 6 / 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Photography and magic are natural companions. Stage magicians have traditionally relied upon misdirection, trickery, and sleight of hand. Photography, the only medium with a reputation for recording “truth,” is also notorious for its ability to deceive. In Magic Show: Photographs by Carol Golemboski, the photographer is a magician who creates tricks behind the curtain of the darkroom. Sometimes the illusions occur in camera, but more frequently they are conjured in the printing process, with drawings, photograms, and vintage photographic papers. While these pictures rely on darkness, mystery, and metaphor, they are also an ode to the darkroom. For anyone who has marveled at an image “magically” appearing in the developer, these photographs recall an era that is quickly disappearing into thin air.

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