Our 40-Year History

Founding a grassroots nonprofit organization is no picnic. It takes a dedicated few. Initially The Light Factory was simply a group of photographers who gathered at Anderson’s on Elizabeth Avenue once a week. What started as an idea soon became a brick-and-mortar cooperative, and the first iteration of The Light Factory opened its doors in 1973. During the 70s and 80s The Light Factory remained on the move. But even though the space it inhabited changed, the idea behind it always remained the same, and always close by.

Our nomadic existence continued in the 90s, and even into the new millennium. From the Park Elevator building on South Boulevard to a second stint at Spirit Square uptown to our current home in Plaza Midwood, The Light Factory remained on the move for another 25 years. While a Queen City map may be dotted with multiple locations over the past 40+ years, the truth is a floor and four walls don’t make a nonprofit organization. People do. And we’ve been lucky to have talented and dedicated employees, board members, and volunteers throughout our history, no matter where we’ve hung our hats.

. . .

Our 1st Annual Art Auction