Exploring the World
with Natural Light

Current Instructors: Michael O’Neill

Cost: $75 Members, $95 Non Members

Light is the raw material photographers use to create with, and this workshop is designed to explore the possibilities that natural light offers and to help deepen your understanding of it. This online class will be broken into three sessions, the first will cover using available light for still life photography, and the second two will focus on portraiture. Along the way we will talk about advanced metering techniques, using a reflector to control highlights and shadows, and how to find flattering light for your subjects at various times of the day. This workshop is open to students who are comfortable using Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, and Manual Modes.

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  • Understand the possibilities of using natural light and window light
  • Learn how to create DIY reflectors from your home
  • How to create stunning portraits
  • Understand advanced metering techniques
  • How to find and manipulate light to create flattering images at various times of the day
  • Camera (can be film or digital!)
  • Access to natural light/window light

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Michael O’Neill


July 20 – August 3

6 – 8 PM

Michael O’Neill


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We are now offering family registration for all online classes + workshops. Pay only one registration fee and the entire family can participate. What does family mean? Whoever you are sheltering in place with = family.