Photographing Autumn
in the Mountains

Saturday, October 28 / 7:30 AM – 6 PM
Class meets at TLF at 7:30 to follow each other up to chosen location

Instructor: Michael O’Neill

Cost: $215 Members, $245 Non Members

Fall is one of the most wonderful times to be in North Carolina, and this year the fall colors promise to be one of the most vibrant in recent memory. The Light Factory is excited to offer a workshop on photographing the fall colors. This workshop will cover setting up your camera for maximum impact, including using custom white balance and camera settings, as well as how to use HDR and Panoramic stitching to take your fall photos to the next level. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for the Linville Falls area, but we will wait until the week of the workshop to make final decisions about what locations will maximize our opportunities.

Please bring your cameras, tripods, water, and a snack. We will caravan to the mountains the morning of the workshop. We will let the students know what area a week before the workshop just in case anyone wants to make plans to stay overnight in the mountains instead of driving back that evening.


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Michael O’Neill