Meet Jonathan Helms

UNC Charlotte has always been an incredible partner for us here at The Light Factory. Last year we collaborated with the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture on Heightened Perspectives, a two-part exhibition that started in 2016 and ended early this year. However, UNC Charlotte has also made a major contribution behind the scenes as well: they have paid for our intern over the last semester. In honor of this significant contribution, we wanted to introduce our members to Jonathan Helms, our intern sponsored by UNCC. He’s been a great help to us, as he has hung exhibition art on our walls, taught students in our camps, communicated with members over our various different channels, and contributed to our mission in countless other ways. Here are Jonathan’s answers to a few questions we posed to him.

Describe yourself as an artist in three words.

Ambitious. Critical. Hopeful.

. . .

What are you studying at UNCC and why?

I am working on my BFA in Photography with a Minor in Art History. Originally when I started college, I was studying Engineering but I felt it wasn’t what I wanted to do at the time so I switched to Art.

. . .

What first interested you in photography?

My first real experience in photography was when I got a tour of the darkroom at UNCC and watched a print develop for the first time. That was the moment I knew I wanted to study photography.

. . .

Do you prefer digital or analog?

Majority of my work is digital, but analog will always be special for me. My first experience with photography was analog. I appreciate how it forces me to slow down when creating.

. . .

What photographic process is your favorite?

Recently, I created a body of work in which I used acrylic medium photo transfers onto sheets of plexiglass, but I always look forward to learning new processes and expanding my abilities.

. . .

Which fine art photographer(s) has/have impacted your academic career as a photographer the most?

Aspen Hochhalter has had a great impact in my academic journey, showing me all the opportunities I have and always telling me to push my ideas as far as I can.

. . .

What are you currently working on?

Working on finishing my final semester of college and seeing where life takes me.

. . .

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Enjoying life, creating, and possibly working on my Masters or maybe going back for that engineering degree.

. . .

What do you enjoy the most about Charlotte?

I grew up in Concord, so it’s been great for me to stay so close to home and family.