Meet Caitlin Malson

UNC Charlotte has always been an incredible partner for us here at The Light Factory. Just recently we collaborated with the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture on Heightened Perspectives, a two-part exhibition that started in 2016 and ended early this year. However, UNC Charlotte has also made a major contribution behind the scenes as well: they have paid for our intern over the last semester. In honor of this significant contribution, we wanted to introduce our members to Caitlin Malson, our intern sponsored by UNCC. She’s been a great help to us, as she has hung exhibition art on our walls, taught students in our camps, communicated with members over our various different channels, and contributed to our mission in countless other ways. Here are Caitlin’s answers to a few questions we posed to her.

Describe yourself as an artist in three words.

Self-motivated. Inspired. Grateful.

What are you studying at UNCC and why?

I am finally in my final semester at UNCC! I am studying to receive my BFA in Photography and also a BA in Art History. Photography has always been something I admired but when I got to UNCC I knew it was something I could turn into a career. As for art history, after taking Dr. Jae Emerling’s contemporary art history and history of photography classes my eyes were opened to how much art history could inform my studio practice, and I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity.

What first interested you in photography?

Seeing cool pictures my friends were taking on Myspace back in middle school.

Do you prefer digital or analog?

Absolutely analog! I keep a 4×5 view camera and/or Holga close by at all times.

What photographic process is your favorite?

That’s tough. I love alternative photographic processes. Anything that has to do with gum arabic is not my forte. However, I have been quite smitten with lith printing recently.

Which fine art photographer(s) has/have impacted your academic career as a photographer the most?

Aspen Hochhalter has hands-down had the biggest impact on my academic career. She has always been so willing to go out of her way to help me with all of my photo problems. I don’t think I could thank her enough for the guidance and wonderful opportunities she has provided me over the past few years.

What are you currently working on?

My senior BFA show is in April so I am currently working on that body of work. It’s so exciting because I’ve been working towards this for a long time.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself exhibiting, completing a masters degree, and having a career in the art community!

What do you enjoy the most about Charlotte?

There are so many fantastic events going on all the time! I grew up in Fayetteville where there weren’t art events every weekend, so I try to take advantage of that here in Charlotte.