Black and White Darkroom

Current Instructors: Carolyn DeMeritt

Cost: $275 Members, $325 Non Members

Now that you’re hooked on black and white film photography, it’s time to take your printing skills to the next level. From 35mm to medium-format to large-format, the goal of this class is to work toward perfecting every single print you make. This includes processing film, creating contact sheets, printing enlargements, using filters, and learning how to dodge and burn.

. . .

  • Refine your printing skills and define your personal vision
  • Develop your own negatives
  • Print your own prints in the darkroom
  • Receive in-class critiques from the instructor
  • Grow more comfortable with equipment and chemistry
  • A film camera
  • The manual for the camera (if you have it)
  • Negatives to develop
  • RC or fiber paper for image printing
  • A journal or notebook

. . . 

Please note: Classes need a minimum of four students to run; the decision to run a class is made 48 hours in advance of the start date. In the event of a class cancellation, enrollment fees can be refunded or maintained as a credit towards a future class of your choice.

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Patrick Saleeby (button)
Jenny Burke
Loren Brown

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