Infrared Photography

Saturday, September 15 & Saturday, September 22 / 9 am – 5 pm

Instructor: Michael O’Neill 

Cost: $265 Member, $325 Non Member

Infrared wavelengths of light were first discovered in 1800, and the first infrared image was made in 1910. In the last 108 years, the technique has been used for everything from military surveillance to scientific research. In the hands of an artist, the process gives us access to luminous foliage, warm skies, and glowing skin tones. Our instructor, Michael O’Neill, fell in love with the process when he was the intern for the Maine Photographic Workshops, working as a teaching assistant for Elizabeth Opalenik. Over the last 21 years, using the camera to see the invisible all around us has been an important part of his creative process.

This workshop will be an introduction to the image capture and post-production techniques that are unique to working with light that we cannot see. In this workshop we will cover both infrared film techniques and digital infrared techniques, and students are welcome to use either process. Please register early as the film and filters will need to be ordered ahead of time, and feel free to reach out to the instructor for more information before the class begins.


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Michael O’Neill