Figure in the Landscape

Saturday, October 6 & Sunday, October 7 / 9 am – 5 pm

Instructor: Michael O’Neill

Cost: $335 Member, $395 Non Member

Images of the human body can be found in the oldest forms of art, but creating photographic artwork of the nude is a challenge for many, no matter how experienced the photographer may be. In this workshop, participants will learn about how to work with and relate to their subject, understand how to make the most out of natural light, and work with the environment. An experienced art model will lead an open discussion on courtesy, safety, and how to respectfully direct our photographic subjects. Legal and ethical questions will be addressed, as well as design and symbolic concerns. The workshop will include post-processing activities, as well as the generation of ideas for the use of resulting imageries. This workshop is open to new students and to previous workshop attendees; in fact, we will hold a critique of previous work and discuss previous students’ work in class.


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This two-day workshop is for intermediate and experienced photographers, and applicants are required to submit 3-5 images of previous work in order to be considered. Images do not need to include a nude figure, but images of people are preferred. The workshop will have limited enrollment, and a fee for the models will be included in the price of the workshop.

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Michael O’Neill