January 19 – April 7, 2016

Guest Curator: Jonell Logan

Lilith as an exhibition explores work by select women photographers who question conventional narratives of masculinity, identity, sexuality, and power. Guia Besana and Donna Cooper Hurt use the body, objects, and their environment to expand conventional definitions of nurturing, beauty, and femininity to include the realities of contemporary life. Allison Janae Hamilton and Maxine Helfman challenge our linear—and often restricted—considerations of history and culture. Jodi Bieber challenges the paradigm of masculinity by photographing men in repose—a position often associated with female subjects—as opposed to the active and dynamic posturing associated with maleness.

[ IMG ] Allison Janae Hamilton
The Hours. from the Sweet milk in the badlands. series

Heightened Perspectives

November 18, 2016 – January 6, 2017

A collaborative two-part exhibition presented by the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture and The Light Factory.

In a time when mass imagery is more often a quick superficial surveillance of self and other, the power of perspective, context, and a deeper interpretation has never been more needed. Perspective has always been a means to intensify an image, raising issues about vantage point and voyeur.

Through experimental film and immersive optical installation, the two-part exhibition Heightened Perspectives offers the idiosyncratic heightened perspectives of two lens-based artists, Phil Solomon and Ethan Jackson.

[ IMG ] Ethan Jackson

The Light Factory 8th Juried Annuale

September 8, 2016 – October 4, 2016

Juror: Anna Walker Skillman / Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta

From the Carolinas to California and beyond, more than 120 artists submitted their most challenging and innovative work. Only six were chosen to have their work included in The Light Factory 8th Juried Annuale exhibition. This year’s winners are Beth Hankes (Newton, MA), Chuck Hemard (Auburn, AL), Ashley Kauschinger (Columbia, SC), Alex Krajkowski (Eugene, OR), Antonio Martinez (Carbondale, IL), and Kate Shannon (Mansfield, OH).

[ IMG ] Ashley Kauschinger / Morning Ritual